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Snollygoster takes an in-depth look at politics in Ohio. Each week we dig into the top political stories in Columbus and Ohio and explore national stories that impact the state by talking with politicians, reporters and other news-makers. (In case you're wondering, a "snollygoster" is a shrewd and unprincipled politician.)

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Latest Episodes
  • Primary Election Month is here. Early voting began Wednesday. The big race in Ohio is the GOP primary for the US Senate, with the winner getting to take on Sherrod Brown. University of Cincinnati Political Science Professor David Niven joins the show.
  • West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin was in Ohio this week on a listening tour. During his appearances, the Democrat promoted the new political group Americans Together, which claims to be a platform for moderate voters.
  • Senator JD Vance continues to double down on his support for Donald Trump despite initial comments that were quite critical. Whether he is a true believer or a political opportunist is up for debate. Tom Nichols, staff writer at The Atlantic, joins the show.
  • The death penalty debate has resurfaced in Ohio after years of dormancy. A new method involving nitrogen gas has emerged, as demonstrated by Alabama's recent execution. Gary Mohr, who served as Director of the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Corrections from 2011 to 2018, joins the show.
  • Ohio Republicans may not have much of a presidential primary to decide when they go to the polls on March 19, but they will have a U.S. Senate primary to sort out. We discuss the recent debate with NBC4 TV’s Colleen Marshall.
  • The Ohio House voted to override the governor's veto of a bill banning various forms of gender-affirming care for minors. Additionally, the bill seeks to prevent transgender girls and women from participating in female sports teams in high schools and colleges in Ohio. Ohio Public Radio reporter Jo Ingles joins the show.
  • Gov. DeWine vetoed a bill to ban many forms of healthcare for transgender minors and ban transgender girls from participating on female sports teams in high school and college. Ohio Senate Minority Leader Nickie Antonio joins the show to discuss the issue and the effort to override the governor's decision.
  • We take a deep dive into the politics of Ohio, reflecting on the eventful year of 2023 and looking ahead to the upcoming 2024.
  • Ohio House Speaker Jason Stephens floated the idea of eliminating term limits for the state's lawmakers last week. We take a closer look at term limits with Democratic strategist and lobbyist Derrick Clay.
  • On the finale of The Power Grab we take a look at the cost of corruption cost and if it has led to any meaningful changes in the state.